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buzzBuzzy® is a palm-sized device combining cold and vibration that when placed between the brain and the pain decreases sharp pains. Buzzy looks like a bee, he has a companion LadyBuzz, and can also be customized.ladybuzz

Buzzy helps kids with unpleasantness from splinters to needle procedures by using natural pain relief.  His wings are icy cold, and his tummy vibrates when you touch his head.  This confuses your body’s nerves to block sharp feelings, just like rubbing a bumped elbow helps stop the hurt, or cool running water soothes a burn.  When you put Buzzy near a poke, burn, or other minor sharp pain, you mostly feel Buzzy doing his thing.  Since it’s over the counter, families can buy Buzzy, or ask if their doctor or hospital already has it.splinter

In an emergency department, nurses and doctors can get too busy to wait for numbing creams for needle procedures. The cool (well, COLD) thing about Buzzy is you can bring him with you for shots, for bee stings, for boo-boos, for injected medicines . . . we developed Buzzy® to put instant pain management in YOUR hands.

I made Buzzy for my son; he had a mean shot-giver once, and it made him scared of needles.  Now with Buzzy, he’s not scared anymore, and he knows he has a secret weapon to make pokes more comfortable.  He doesn’t have to be embarrassed about not liking shots, and I don’t worry about how he’ll deal at the doctors’ office. We also try to put as much pain management information as we can collect in one place.

To prove Buzzy works, we started with research on adult volunteers getting IVs (the little straw that can take blood or give you fluids) and found that Buzzy® significantly decreased pain. We also tried it for children needing IV starts in the emergency department, and they liked Buzzy too.  Other people started studying Buzzy, and found the same thing (read about our research here).

Lately, Buzzy has been used for ideas we never dreamed of. Anything that cold helps, or vibration helps, can be better with both!

Which Buzzy is Right for Me? (Home versions: For healthcare see HERE:

Buzzy Mini dimensions: 2 3/4″ X 1 3/4″ (at its widest point) x 7/8″ deep

– Frequent self-injections stomach or thigh
– Infrequent shots at the doctors, or splinters, itching, or home massage
– Fingersticks

Buzzy® Mini was created for those needing a smaller Buzzy for self injections or for smaller body parts. At 36% smaller than the original, it fits easily in the hand to deliver powerful pain blocking right where you need it. Buzzy® leaves fingers free to help with needle procedures. Single screw makes replacing AAA batteries simple.Arthritis 2

– Blood draws when you take Buzzy to the phlebotomist
– Frequent self-injections on extremities or subcutaneous injections
– Frequent need for icing injuries or sore muscles where strap can hold in place

Buzzy Tourniquet Ready was created to hold Buzzy in place while leaving one hand free. With three screws, the unit securely holds a tourniquet strap that is threaded through an internal channel for extra stability. This can hold Buzzy on an area for a prolonged period of numbing or injury icing, or can be placed one-handed for self-administered arm injections

This LadyBuzz is in place 60 seconds to numb for a pump placement

This LadyBuzz is in place 60 seconds to numb for a pump placement



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Bee-Empowered with Buzzy!

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