For healthcare workers or those needing instructions on needle pain management, this is a private webinar Dr. Baxter gave for nurses at her hospital. It is hosted on YouTube by the secure hospital site. To see, click here.  For the TEDx she gave on the rise, cause, and consequences of needle fear, click here.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, how many words is a video worth? Check out one of our reference videos or footage of patients using Buzzy. YouTube links are shown first. Where your firewall protection may block YouTube, please click links to videos available on Vimeo.

Buzzy Introduction starring many cute kids.  For Vimeo link, click here


Prepare Buzzy for shots
  For Vimeo link, click here


Buzzy for PPD placement.  For Vimeo link, click here


Buzzy for shots in the thigh.  For Vimeo link, click here


Buzzy for shots in the stomach.  For Vimeo link, click here

How to clean Buzzy



Buzzy “Bee-Stractor” distraction cards


For hints on how to use DistrACTION cards most effectively, see Dr. Amy’s video resource here.  For other distraction, see our High Tech DistrACTION page or these great resources:

Part 1, How healthcare professionals can be distraction coaches

Part 2, How parents can be good distraction coaches

Part 3, FOR PARENTS:  learn how to be a distraction coach for your child

The following video shows real kids getting real shots with Buzzy.

(We didn’t make this one, but it shows someone using Buzzy for PEG asparaginase.  We would recommend turning Buzzy around the other direction, as the motor is in Buzzy’s bottom and closer to shots is better.)

Prepare disposable White Ice Wings



Buzzy® for Kids Pain is important to warn our body

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No One Likes Pain From aches to arthritis to injuries,

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Healthcare FASTEST pain relief – works on contact MOST ECONOMICAL

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Bee-Empowered with Buzzy!

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