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MMJ Labs was established in 2006 by Dr. Amy Baxter, a pediatrician and pain researcher, to develop reusable, inexpensive products for personal pain control. As a mother of three, Dr. Baxter wanted to find a fast, effective solution to relieve sharp pain. The initial product launched was Buzzy®, a bee-shaped palm sized device combining cold and vibration. When placed between the brain and the pain, the competing stimulus decreases minor sharp pains. Additional products include DistrACTION® cards which reduce pain through distraction.

Initial efficacy with a prototype was established through a research grant to Georgia State from the Mayday fund. Since the official product launch May 1 2009, Buzzy® has been adopted by over 1,200 hospitals and more than 36,000 users.  Further support of Buzzy’s for immunizations is ongoing with a 1M NIH SBIR fast track grant, and Buzzy® was awarded a Kimberly Clark grant with PR (Huggies MomInspired) Fall 2010 and the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Award.  In addition to numerous academic publications supporting Buzzy’s efficacy, Dr. Baxter is one of Inc. Magazines Top Women in Tech to Watch, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal. In 2014, we were awarded a $250,000 Mission Small Business grant.

Bucking conventional wisdom with medical devices, Buzzy® is reusable, and proudly made in the U.S.A.

Green Practices

Super-Buzzy® is saving the planet by being REUSABLE! Buzzy’s batteries last for 400 shots or IV sticks.  Recycle the batteries, and use Buzzy® over and over and over… decreasing medical waste!

Our green support was one major reason we started the company:  Big Pharma wanted Buzzy® to be disposable.  From a packaging standpoint, we’ve always been biodegradable or post-consumer paper. We seriously can’t stand clamshells!  So even though it was a really long, tough road, we decided early on not to encase Buzzy® in plastic. Buzzy® needs to breathe! Check out our 100% recyclable retail packaging! The box can even be used to store Buzzy, ice wings, and strap between uses.

Talking the Talk

Dr. Baxter is asked all over the world to educate physicians, nurses, Child Life specialists, and others about the importance of pain management. It’s important. See the TEDx here about the rise of needle fear, 252% over the past 2 decades. Contact to inquire about academic pain management lectures.  Dr. Baxter maintains a conflict of interest managment statement with the NIH, so lectures reflect all aspects of procedural sedation or pain management, but may or may not contain the Buzzy literature depending on relevance of the topic to the lecture. An academic webinar on needle pain best practices and an in-service on Buzzy is available on YouTube.

Did we mention Buzzy’s box is also made from at least 30% post consumer waste, and is completely recyclable?



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Bee-Empowered with Buzzy!

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